Head of Digital Services

£46,122 - £57, 792
Permanent Full-Time
21 September 2017
10th October 2017


The National Gallery is rolling out its new digital services programme, a commercially-focussed strategy based on three core value propositions: developing new data-driven business models; digitising our visitor journey and creating immersive experiences

The Head of Digital Services will have responsibility for the delivery of these three propositions, and management of the teams working on them:
1. Developing new data-driven business models will see the creation of a Data & Insight Function, whose purpose is to provide qualitative and quantitative research services to the Gallery, and to manage our data platform
2. Digitising the visitor journey will connect together our digital touchpoints before, during and after the visitor comes to the Gallery to create a continuous customer journey
3. Immersive experiences will see us use virtual reality, augmented reality, live social media and other emerging technologies to find new ways for audiences to encounter art.

Working with the Digital Director and the Senior Programme Manager, they will establish a governance process for digital and technology projects across the Gallery, enabling the organisation to work in a strategically aligned way.

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